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Giving Up

Knowing when to give up is a sign of consciousness. Giving up on something that hasn’t worked or seems like a dead end is a positive move to make. If we push and push and push and never seem to get anywhere that’s an indication that what we’re trying to accomplish may be a detour to the real journey. We may think we are on the right road, because mind says so, but the trying and not working is a sign that we’re on the detour, which may take a while to figure out, we may hit some dead ends and back track, which is fine too, and sounds like most of life right? Giving up doesn’t mean we’re not going to get what we want - it might be a quicker path to what we want. Giving up means we’re going to stop trying to fix something that’s happening in the outer world and start attending to what’s happening inside of us that’s causing us to push to try to force our way into some thing, or force something or someone to move. Turning to the energy inside, particularly if there’s frustration, exhaustion, conflict, and struggle, we can meet it, express it or let it move in someway, and that will move the mountain on the outside. When we get into the flow of the true path things tend to move easily, there isn’t a struggle or effort, and that’s an indication that we are congruent with the true path. The other upshot of doing the shift on the inside is that the symbols and messages from the waking dream or personal myth fall into place, we have consciousness about how this all happened, why we dead ended or struggled, we get the life lesson about the phenomena, then we can grow and usually that means we are flowing down the path again with ease and mountains move out of the way. Art Mia Taninaka, Mineral Kingdom.

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