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Recovery Vampires

We can all pretty easily grok the shadow of addiction and substance abuse, even the functional daily habitual use of substances. These coping strategies are in place to not feel something bad, so the real “medicine” is to feel the bad feeling in a resourceful state, stalk the pain and be with it. There’s another hidden side of addiction, which is in the group “Recovery” industry. There is an extensive network of facilities or “rehabs”, for people wanting to stop using. Many of them attract high profile clients, and are set in spa like surroundings staffed with doctors and psychotherapists who “specialize” in recovery. Like all groups and corporations, these recovery centers run shadow. Relapse rates are 50% to 90%, which means this “35 billion dollar industry” has a low success rate for true rehabilitation. Why then do they make so much money and continue to attract wealthy addicts? To paraphrase Robert Downey Jr. these facilities constitute “recovery vampirism”, the promise of “help” intimately linked to The Vampire archetype. The promise of billions to be made also draws shadow like any industry. If we dug deeply into this machine we might find the same parent companies providing the addictive substances as well as the “recovery” solutions. The actual “Addict” is the cog in the mechanism, and who better to recommend your facility through media coverage than a celebrity? This example of group recovery industry, like all group shadow must be stalked, named and cooked in the fire of truth in order to be integrated. Art Lida Matviyenko

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