A six week course in personal archetypes

Beneath our conscious mind is a realm more vast than the one we can experience with our five senses. This other world holds The Shadow, that which we have hated and denied about ourselves. It also hides treasures for us to find and bring back to our waking reality. 

There are clues to the existence of this other world. Maybe you feel like you don't have control of your life, or there have been insurmountable barriers blocking you from what you want. Maybe there have been people that have harmed you and you haven't been able to move on. Maybe you have issues with how you look or how society sees you. Perhaps you have been depressed or anxious without knowing why. 

Discover what actually creates these "problems" and transform them into gold. If you have already had a glimpse into your unconscious material, personal archetypes, and shadows, you may want more ability with these gifts. 

I have developed a system to harness these dragons and reveal their true nature as allies. This course is a synthesis of powerful modalities for self revelation. Through deep understanding of how the archetypes and shadows work in our lives, we have the ability to mature our soul and co create our mission on earth. 

You will discover:

  • Why archetypes are a potent way to work with the forces in your life.

  • Your personal archetypes and how they work in your life.

  • How to include The Shadow and get the gold. 

  • How to observe your personal story and events in the world and then rewrite their meaning.

  • How to walk the path of soul maturation. 

  • How to use the system I have developed.

  • How to move forward and work with all of your issues in a collaborative and transformative way.


April 2021!

This is an at-a-distance six week course which takes place entirely on the phone so you can be anywhere in the world and participate. The course can be accelerated to a three week time frame. 

The course includes:

  • Audio presentations for each of the six sections with guided practices and class notes

  • One Private 1 hour phone session. 

  • Suggestions for your ongoing field work and journaling, somatic practices

  • Six 1.5 hour group classes, recorded for further study.

  • Email support.

  • A selected reading list 

Course tuition is $750 not including books and optional materials. 

Email me to apply.