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Archetypal Somatics™ Coaches

Synchrosoma Certified Graduates of
The Wounded Healer Archetypal Somatics™ Advanced Studies and Coach Training


Raffaela Milner

My background in mathematics and physics shaped my perspective on reality; through teaching martial arts I learned about honor and devotion. Years of depth psychology therapy taught me to observe myself, but I always felt there was something missing. In martial arts, I started to find the vulnerability of combat causes somatic activation, lost parts of me coming to the surface, a new connection to my body-mind. Years in, a competition injury led to intense psychosomatic symptoms, and I had a deep sense that the missing piece had to be somatic. I learned that all of my past trauma was my greatest initiation. The deeper I went and the more I learned about Archetypal Somatics™, the more I realized that I want to guide others towards remembering their whole Self.

Kristin Nelson

I practiced in the healing arts as a Massage Therapist for 20 years when I changed direction in my career to pursue a deep love for clothing design and textiles. Fabric and sewing will always be part of my personal mythology as I journey back to the healing arts as a Wounded Healer and certified Archetypal Somatics™ coach. I was initiated into my deeper self & soul work through childhood trauma and a desire to live a life aligned with my authentic self. I have studied Insight Meditation and been in traditional therapy but it was working with Melissa Meader and the approach of Archetypal Somatics™ that gave me the tools and wisdom for the profound connection to self and to life that I had been looking for. I love the collaboration with my clients as I guide them to connect to the energies in their body and the imagery and symbols from their unconscious, transforming the way they experience the issues in their lives and moving toward the wholeness they long for. I especially love working with dreams as a way to have a rich illumined conversation with our unconscious and the deeper parts of our self.


Maria Janeff

It is an honor to offer my guidance as an Archetypal Somatics™ Coach I have been on my own heroic journey and I am profoundly grateful to have unearthed my passion to guide others who are curious about their own inner landscape. After two decades in the fashion industry and raising two children with my husband I am answering the call to dedicate my life as a spiritual guide. I will bring my experience as a mother, small business owner, and three decades in a committed romantic relationship. Two years ago, at my half decade mark, I began my training with Melissa.  Through my work with her, I uncovered my archetypes and learned how to include my felt sense. The somatic connection was a revelation. I enjoy traveling between The Overworld and Underworld, and I will hold a sacred space for all experiences to be met with warmth and compassion. In particular I will bring my experience with my wounding around body image and dis-ordered eating, as tending to this core wound has been the greatest gift on my path toward self love.

Anna Erkinheimo

I am a coach and a lover of creative life, particularly through making music and stuff with my hands. I have guided clients since 2014 in life coaching, mindfulness practices and somatic awareness through reiki and my practice expanded into new depths in 2020 when archetypes became my allies in my maturing process and the ability to track and meet body sensations my superpower.  I love guiding my clients towards greater consciousness in the midst of life’s explorations and challenges and meeting their own inner guru.

anna kesä2020.JPG

Chris Chilcote

For the past 25 years I have lived in a small rural town in Northern California living at the edge of the forest, working on creating a home and a family. Navigating the territory of childhood, adolescence and now adulthood has often been a curious and daunting task. I continue to move forward and discover new awarenesses, motivations and challenges that lay beneath the surface. I have been fortunate to guide people with issues of self discovery, embracing adulthood,  and their current situation in life.

Melissa Meader

After decades of working with students and clients in body centric modalities like yoga and somatic shadow integration I began to develop courses and founded Synchrosoma and Archetypal Somatics™ studies and trainings. Through my inner journeying and collaboration with heroic clients and students I continue to find new ways to ally our deepest wounding and include our darkest self as transformation. I am a coach trainer, podcaster, writer and innovator dedicated to translating these ancient teachings and practices through the magic of this evolving modality. Archetypal Somatics™ is grounded in Vedic studies, Toltec wisdom, Archetypal Psychology, Shadow Work and Trauma Informed Somatics. It is my great pleasure share the evolution of this work with these coaches.

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