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Working with Melissa and her attention to shadow work has helped me see how my reactions (and overreactions!) to the behavior of others is triggered by areas in myself that I am still learning to accept. 

Melissa’s approach, her language and her natural ability to intuitively connect are a true gift. My work with Melissa has been key to helping me continue to transform into the person I want to be, free from self-judgement, with love and  acceptance of myself.

Sleigh Your Dragons felt like a magical roadmap through the labyrinth of my psyche. The material offered in audio and PDF format and the journaling assignments opened a gate into powerful unconscious material. As someone who is very practiced in seeking the self, I was blown away by the efficacy of this program and by Melissa's deeply attuned one-on-one guidance. So much in my life has become clear in the last 6 weeks AND I have a framework and practice for continuing evolution that is much more effective and interesting than trying to fix, change or better myself. Melissa will guide you through a liberating paradigm shift in your relationship to life and self.

Sleigh your Dragons is challenging and uncomfortable at times. I got to know myself well, my unconscious parts especially. Melissa provides a ton of information, prompts and tools to choose from to pave the way to being a more conscious human being.

I felt like I was going through the motions of daily life habits and unconscious commitments but it was just under my awareness, which manifested as unease and discomfort. Thankfully, I was drawn into the symbology and magic of shadow work presented by Melissa. The tools she provides empowered me with my own digging...I really enjoyed exploring with her.

I found myself in a pretty stuck and desperate place when I started working with Melissa. I intuitively knew I needed to journey into the mustiest corners of my psyche to get unstuck. But I felt somehow safe, yet at my edge, as Melissa facilitated this journey. The work of fleshing out my personal archetypes + befriending their shadow sides has greatly accelerated has my spiritual growth. I feel like I have a whole new set of emotional and cognitive tools to work with, and am thrilled to be living at a new level of emotional maturity, thanks to Melissa’s excellent coaching and kind presence.

I benefitted so much from Melissa’s Sleigh Your Dragons course! I am in awe of what I have learned in these 6 weeks and the deepening effect it has had in my relationships.

I come away from this course with a deepened understanding of myself and with tangible tools to continue the work. Melissa is the best guide through this work! And I plan to continue working with her! 

Melissa's intuition and knowledge compliment each other beautifully. Her tender movement into realms of shadow I was terrified of seeing really worked for me. She knew when to go in and when to back off, when it wasn't time for me and when things were ripe and "up" for me. I've transformed radically since we started working together. I'm willing and she's right by my side. She's both a sturdy tree and a delicate flower.

Melissa is a great guide into using archetypes and symbols as a way to generate new capacities for inclusion and integration. The process of mapping my own constellation of archetypes was illuminating. I feel that I have greater capacity for understanding and accepting myself and others. It was an intriguing process that was challenging at times but very mind opening. I am left with tools for navigating and mapping and more confidence in my capacity to feel at ease in the world.

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