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Bruises on our Hearts - Understanding Curses, Spells and Blessings

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Bruises on our Hearts - Understanding Curses, Spells and Blessings

We think of evil magicians casting spells or performing curses but the truth is most curses are cast unconsciously by just about everyone. When a parent says to a child “you’re lazy” this is a curse. Curses happen so frequently that if we could see them like we do in movies the air would be pulsing with tangled, dark energy.

And curses can hang there in our homes and schools. Sometimes we walk into a space after someone has cursed someone else and we feel it and sometimes receive the same curse! Suddenly the lazy curse is upon us. Sometimes the curse is ancient, passed from farther to son to grandson and on and on, we might even consider alcoholism a tangible curse in this way.

We all have cursed someone at some point, and unconsciously or consciously we may continue to curse our bosses, wives, children, neighbors, and political leaders. We send our foul, anti-blessing out into the ethers, crossing oceans at light speed. We remember past traumas and perpetrators, cursing them with continual accusation and blame. We curse our selves most often, with the undervoice’s critical and violent wishes. “I’m so stupid” echoes from one side to the other leaving ethereal bruises on our hearts.

These very real curses have an energetic harming poison attached to them which does the opposite of our unconscious intention to destroy or illuminate our problem of a “lazy” child or thoughtless neighbor. The curse STRENGTHENS the negative trait in the one who is cursed. The curse becomes a trance inducing spell that binds the object of our curse, not only to the negative trait, but also to us. Like a tube from us to them we must continually unconsciously feed the curse our energy to have the spell stick. And in that way we have cursed ourselves as well.

Breaking spells, undoing curses and reclaiming our shadow energies happens in many processes, these are the things we begin to do when we develop our Quantum Self, and become active Shadow Stalkers. One of quickest ways to begin the process of discontinuing our dark practices is to notice we have cursed someone, stop the curse, apologize energetically and bless them instead. A blessing is an elixir of grand proportion, and a sort of perpetual motion machine that serves the subject being blessed and also the one doing the blessing. It can restore and increase energy for both parties.

If the one blessing has not developed their inner royalty, if they are identified in The Victim Archetype it may not be possible to do blessings. Maturity and strengthening The Witness must precede the ability to perform blessings. The Witness must be able to hold space for self and the stories of pain the self has experienced and they must also be able to hold space for the perpetrator or the one that is in the antagonist position to self. The Archetypes of Queen and King must have strength to be able to bless.

The work I do with my clients could be summed up in the path of soul maturation. This is how we develop the capacity to see and palpate darkness within and without, break spells, undo curses on ourself and others, bless our personal histories from The Now, own the present circumstances of our lives and become lucid in the waking dream so that we can collaborate with the energies all around us.

Picture Gabriele Münter, 1877-1962 Woodcut, Watering Flowers

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