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Finding place in the collective

There is tragedy and comedy, love and longing in a usual adolescence or childhood story. We may be called back into those memories often as grown bodies, the events sometimes now clinically labeled components of a personal history. There is a simplicity in some traditional cultures, particularly if there is a shamanic spiritualism, a deep understanding of how parts of soul get lost and how we retrieve them. Archetypal story telling by elders, rites of passage, vision quests, ritual and elevation of the mundane like sharing meals and gathering for ceremony are offered to the sacred and ground our souls. Western lives most often lack the simplicity of a life grounded in the sacred, and some of the great loss here is in the development of adolescent into young adult, then tribal leader, then elder. This is why many of us are still behaving primarily as adolescents, we missed our ceremony and tribal containment of our burgeoning adulthood. We wander in search of something, and without the developmental portal, consciousness of our need to have passage into our next role as fire tenders and gatherers for the tribe, while offering protection of the elder wisdom keepers, we keep wandering. If your work has had a goal of money and self security, and you lack feeling connected to life and others, disconnection from your role in the collective may be why. Shadow Stalking, self study and consciousness training, a release of Samskaras (trauma echoes) through Somatic Recapitulation, and a passage into responsibility for the health of the tribe through contribution of your Star, genius and talents, is a modern path of passage. Work infused with an offering to the collective, to the health of the tribe, is an easy path to find your way and your place in the collective. Photo Piet Van den Eynde.

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