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Glossary of Terms for Shadow Stalkers

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Glossary of Terms for Shadow Stalkers

Glossary of Terms for Shadow Stalkers


The word Archetype coined by C.G. Jung, is a compound word from the Greek - Archein (ancient, old), + Typos (pattern, model, type), and together we can think of the meaning as “old pattern”.

Archetypal Somatics

The confluence of the symbolic with the somatic, and myriad practices to explore their relationship.

Best Enemy

A tormentor who is in your life in some way, a boss, co-worker, neighbor, or public figure, and through the torment helps you grow spiritually. Also known as a Petty Tyrant.


A spell that empowers the receiver.


The way of thinking from embodiment within the cosmic and fascial energetic connective tissue of Soma.


Our somatic ability to contain shadow or uncomfortable energy which changes day to day and evolves, not necessarily into more or less or simultaneously more and less depending on myriad dynamics.

Chi Cycle

The flow of chi or energy through Soma and collective soma.

Chi (ch’i, qi, Chinese), Vital force in a living or disembodied entity, and in the world or universe. also called prana, hara, life-force, mojo, libido, and creative spark.

Circular Time Model

A way of conceptualizing time that allows The Witness vantage on birth, past, present, future, death, The Unknown from the center point of Now. A main tool for Somatic Recapitulation.


A group of archetypes found within the a Density Spiral which all resonate with a similar energetic signature.


The state of being aware.

Consciousness Training

Using Somatics, Shadow Stalking and all forms of self study to develop consciousness.


A spell that is meant to disempower the receiver as in negative naming.

Dark Night of the Soul

A period of time in The Underworld that causes psychological dismemberment, initiation and leads to soul evolution and personal and universal self maturation.

Decoding Mind

Mind that receives data and organizes it rather than coming to conclusions, searching for meaning, or making predictions.

Dense Reality

Also known as “life”. The level of reality where we go with what is available to our five senses until we die. It’s linear time based, has three dimensions, often two if we are in our heads modeling reality a lot with thinking, or living in the “bad simulation”

Density Spiral

A continuum of archetypes that describe an energetic signature of growth towards consciousness or regression towards unconsciousness.


Used here to describe the taking apart of old ways, old patterns and old self, often physically and psychologically excruciating but necessary for soul growth and consciousness training.


Grounding in body, having access to bodymind or body based intelligence, enjoying the trap, lack of judgments, acceptance of the NOW.


Any issue or dynamic including an inner tension that pushes up to the surface. The Emergence can be co-oped by mind and made into an “emergency” through thinking and fixing energy.

Expanded Reality

Identity is firmly in Witness Consciousness and we see The Trap clearly as a stalking ground where attachments and identifications are decodable symbols in the waking dream.


Your unique gifts which emerge through soul evolution and consciousness training.

See also Star and Golden Shadow.

Golden Shadow

Our talents and genius that has been painful to hold or admit to so cast onto others like celebrities or friends we feel are better than us in some way.

See also Star and Genius.

Heart Path

The committed path of love and remembering our connection to everything and everyone everywhere.


The movement of containing shadow or energy that had been excluded through shadow projection and distancing mind.


Any trauma or dynamic that results in purposeful or accidental wounding which leads us to a deeper self and a passage into a more mature state.

Inner work

Attending to issues through liminal awareness, Somatics and processes that happen inside of bodymind rather than in the outer world.


The slow and conscious process of including shadow, archetypes, pain or initiation (trauma), that happens over time and leads to wholeness.


The inner knowing that comes from our omnipresent self in connection to source.


The In Between world, neither unconscious or fully conscious, where awareness of non ordinary reality and multiple states or consciousness commingle.


Used to describe a general state of being neither conscious or unconscious.


Various non ordinary abilities attained through soul evolution.


Symbolically describes the web of life, matter, mother, and material nature.


The reason for incarnating, a special purpose each individual has that benefits the collective.


A magical tool to either empower or disempower the named or the one doing the naming.


The present moment, the only real “time”, and the center of the circular time model.

Occupy Body

My term taken from the Occupy movement to describe the directive to claim our personal physical space as sacred. In claiming our body there is less chance foreign entities can possess us or “cling on”.


An ability to be “non-local”, or to have awareness that the self expands beyond the ordinary world or overworld to everything and everyone everywhere.


A dynamic formerly known as a problem that is encoded with the elements of wanted for current layer of soul evolution.


The ordinary waking world, the matrix, either a bad simulation or a good reality, what we think of as “life”.

Personal Archetypes

A group of archetypes that work through us either in consciousness and expansion, or in unconsciousness and contraction.


The phenomena of our thoughts, speech and actions being directed by an archetype or foreign energy.

Predatory Mind

The thinking mind that keeps us in the future, “fixing”, criticizing or in any way avoiding feeling, body and Soma.


The idea that the universe is conspiring in your favor, attributed to Rob Breszney.

Quantum Self

The self that is omnipresent

Quantum Reality

Reality affected by your attitude and attention while simultaneously not necessarily subject to concrete space or time constraints.


Fighting for a cause without first doing the inner work or integrating shadow associated with the trigger.


How we “relate to things”, meaning what we experience as “real” is determined by how we relate to it.


The stitching back together of self after initiation through wounding or psychic dismemberment which results in remembering our largest identity as Witness Consciousness connected to all.

Right Action

Action taken when Shadow has been integrated based on externally induced triggers or symbolism, even if the action is painful to take. See Bhagavad Gita as a resource.

Sacred Space

Our domain that we maintain energetically which may expand or contract depending on capacity. An alternative concept to “boundaries” which may be based on shadow projection and polemics.


Anything we deny or see as negative in others.

Shadow Work

Working with any projections, bad feelings, best enemies, pain, darkness, negative personal history and world wide phenomena like “racism” as part of self.

Simulation, Bad

An experience of “unreality” as a simulation, most often as a malefic environment controlled by unseen forces.

Simulation, Good

A good simulation or good reality assumes our karma, experiences, and the state of the world are exactly as they should be in the moment.

Sleeping Dream

Dreams we can decode that come from the sleeping state.


From Sanskrit - Juice, Elixir of the Soma plant, The Moon, Water, Vishnu. From Greek - Body.


Intuition informed intelligence or inner knowing, gnenerated primarily through conscious connection with soma.


Techniques and exercises that access the physical and energy body to release trauma or anything held in body. Pioneers of Somatics include all schools of Hatha yoga and more recently Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen, Ida Rolf, Peter Levine, and David Berceli.

Somatic Recapitulation

The technique of accessing body memory to reclaim soul fragments.


The mysterious, energetic self that is a part of the collective soul and source.

Soul Evolution

The results of consciousness training which develops capacity for shadow integration and awareness of true self.


A curse or a blessing, known or unknown that traps self or other into a good or bad reality.


An archetypal symbol of our talents and “shine”, celebrated or in shadow as the fame of false celebrity.


The mystery of our greatest expanded container, the Soul of all souls and the Universal, numinous Being that is simultaneously everywhere and nowhere. In Vedic cosmology Supersoul is Paramatman, the primordial Self, the self beyond, who is absolute and ultimate, with and without identity, with and without individuality and with and without separation.


A thing that represents something else.

Third “I”

The self beyond personal or other that can Witness dynamics and has developed liminal awareness.


Any part of life, self or the world that we resist but becomes our liberator through consciousness training and collaboration with it.


See Initiation


An unloving self talking or critical inner voice.


The place we volunterrily or accidentally go that might feel bad, like “hell” where our soul fragments are lost, or where we get lost when we go unconscious. Journeys here are required for soul evolution and consciousness training.

Waking dream

Life while we are awake containing decodable symbols as in a sleeping dream.


The predatory mind virus that uses thinking to deplete life force.

Witness Consciousness

The true self and largest possible identity while incarnated who has the ability to witness reality, self, and contain the personal self, the universal self, and all layers of reality, while developing magical powers in order to benefit the collective.

© Melissa Meader 2021

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