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Guide and Seek

The Seeker archetype has both the problem and solution encoded in her name. This time of introspection has not been lost on those of us who have stayed in alignment with the dynamics in The Overworld. We have not pushed passed the present or made excuses about how this shouldn’t be happening. It is happening, there is no should or shouldn’t, it just is. And paradoxically I have found in those I connect with most that through the stopping of external reality as it has been, and a near halting of any normal rhythms, an opening to “now what”? For some that opening has sparked an urgency, a need to find out, and there may be lots of thinking and mind seeking answers, maybe even hiring “seers” to tell the future. For others the question has led to an opening within, the portals of unknown, abysmal, emptiness, fear or terror, and even pleasure and excitement, a general non resistance to what is, and a taking up of “the call to adventure”. There has been a inner walk through The World In Between, a deep somatic dive into The Underworld, drawn by possibility not based on goals and instead promising inner gold. The seeking of The Seeker is the real gift of WONDER and CURIOSITY, never the end of a journey or hope to reach a goal. The Seeker, once satisfied seeks again. The advanced Seeker on the journey finds new portals, magic, opening and wonder in each momentary step on the path. Art Brook Ramsey.

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