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Loving Heart

Committing to The a Heart Path is liberating and terrifying. If you have lived in the “bad simulation” or have had a lot of ache that’s has not been attended to by you, or if you have believed through conditioning that someone is supposed to love you for you to feel love and have heart, the work of opening to the woundedness might feel impossible. The first transformation comes when we realize we can do the loving of ourselves, that we can start now. You can be old, young, sick, well, injured, mentally ill, happy, neurodivergent, relaxed, disabled, highly functional, socially isolated, athletic, antisocial, beautiful or different looking, and you may be suffering immensely or conversely content and fine but still feel empty in heart. Regardless of the above list you may feel like your heart is hurt, numb or wounded, you may blame others, or feel lonely. You may be longing for love and feeling like something is missing. The liberating promise of The Heart Path is the response to all sorts of suffering whether we are able bodied or not, mentally well or not. Heartedness comes through practicing love, towards self, finding the hate and integrating the shadow of that through soma, and also practicing heartedness towards shadow projections we have outside of ourselves, towards so called “Others”. You don’t have to like someone or accept their behavior to have them in your sphere of love. Art. Veronica Winters, Loving Heart.

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