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Magic is For Everyone

So much of what we have thought we’ve known about magic is false. The dense reality manipulations of objects to create outcomes is one of the least effective styles, and lacks the benefit of perpetual motion of the chi cycle. Doing magic from mind generated desires, that is a desire to ease material circumstances, to get money for example, as in “the secret”, couldn’t be more of a degradation of what true magic has the potential to achieve. An act of love for example has a magical outcome that ripples through all of the layers of reality at lightening speed and has an eternal effect. The cost of casting spells for material gain is chi depleting, and has severely limited benefits, maybe for one person, the spell caster, so it’s no wonder they rarely work. To use real, potent magic that is eternally fueled and part of the chi cycle the wishes must be infused with love and the benefits must be for the collective. Good prayers are like this too. If you are making wishes, begging a god you have no relationship with for help, casting spells with candles and sigils for money you can stop these practices and become a real sorcerer, someone who knows how to potentate actions with love, how to transform reality through consciousness training and how to contain reality like the omnipresent being you truly are by integrating all of the shadow you see in the world. That is real, lasting magic that benefits everyone and is aided by the source of everything. (See my podcast of chi hoarding for more on the chi cycle).art Mara Friedman.

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