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Scarecrow Consciousness

One of the lessons we get from the Scatecrow in The Wizard of Oz movie “myth” is about conformity and consciousness. The quest of this character is for “a brain”, the soul evolution process of gaining consciousness and sovereignty expressed through his quest. As a representative of Dorothy’s individuation process and search for a larger, more powerful identity, he holds this part of maturation, and along with her two other companions, her masculine energetics. The scarecrow is meant to scare away something that might harm the crop, but in the case of our man made of straw he has little power to do so, and he has been inhibited by his conformity, he’s willing to work, like an automaton, and he does his job poorly. He’d rather “while away the hours, conferring with the flowers, consulting with the rain”, his true desired vocation sounds more like a medicine man who works with elementals than a mannequin on a stick, should he expand his consciousness. It is the element of fire he fears though needs to transform, for he is a man made of straw, but he must face this trial and the shadow who wields it, played by the Wicked Witch. It is Dorothy who puts out the fire started by The Witch, when she tosses water on the burning scarecrow splashing The Witch who melts while lamenting , “Who ever thought a little girl like you could destroy my wickedness”, proving that Dorothy, though essentially a child, had all of the powers necessary for the whole journey of soul maturity. Ep 15. The Wizard of Self on The Synchrosoma Podcast Tuesday, July 21, 2020. Art Mothmeister from a series “Weird and Wonderful Postmortem Fairy Tales”.

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