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Seeing I to I

Not all projections are negative. Positive emotional responses to people can also be projections. Neutral, or not caring, is not necessarily projection free. Even the purest love for our children has projection in it. Our emotions are not the best indications of truth of what you are experiencing or who the other is. Emotions are great indicators though, they point towards the truth if you engage them for that purpose. Often we act on our emotions, or we believe them. It might be fair to say our personal archetypes are the ones having the emotions, often The Child, and many others. As we go deeper towards our more expanded self, Witness our emotions, it is possible to decode their origin story, how they may be echoes of an event or dynamic much older than the current situation.

If we have a powerful admiration, love, or attraction response to someone, especially someone new, there is usually some projection, sometimes called Golden Shadow, possibly your Star is cast out onto this other lover, friend or celebrity. Or your Genius Archetype may be cast out and this other seems special. Who do you admire? Who are you drawn to? Who captivates you? I’m not saying there is no truth in their greatness, the nuance here is that there’s also some YOU in them that attracts you, that you can also have back home in you. To truly know a person the path is to remove all of the golden and shadow projection, have them at peer level, neither inferior or superior to you, and feel your heart towards them. It will not be neutral, it will be full and glowing, energized and connecting, without the need to give anything up or take anything, it will feel open and unconditional. Art Anne-Francoise Potterat,True Connection.

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