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Somatic Shadow Work

Somatic Shadow Work, or Shadow Stalking, is a body centric, intuitive action that takes us from the unreal to the real. When we are imbedded in the unreal we may be in mind loops, blame of self or other, on a quest for material success, at odds with any pain or illness we are experiencing in The Now, and psychologically fragmented, that is not identified with the Whole Self or energetically connected to the collective. In this sort of unreal state we, as a False Adult, in wetikoic possession, thinking in Undervoice terminology or emotionally collapsed in lamenting about life or the world, may become wanderers in a vitural landscape and we may even talk about life as a “Simulation”, because it is! For those locked in the unreal the world is like the movie version of The Matrix, not the cosmic Great Mother/Matrix of true reality. It is the unreal landscape of energetic illusion overlaid onto The Real. The Real, a landscape we can only find through embodiment, connection to everything and everyone everywhere including Source, reveals itself through slow dedicated self study, commitment to The Heart Path, and stalking shadow like a hungry panther in search of Self. To be real is to be free. Art Boya Sun.

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