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Somewhere, Over And Over

The archetypal tornado, or spinning psyche, that sometimes erupts us into fitful wake-sleep can be a tormenting flash of the previous day’s unfinished business, or conjured images from a life time of repeated confusion around specific topics. The restless mind can spin off in all directions picking up memories and tossing them down to grab a new problem. Most of us have had these episodic lapses in solid sleep on occasion. This post is not about fixing this “problem” and instead I want to highlight an opportunity to Witness, feel, surrender, and ultimately Stalk, the way you would with any shadow material, the content and energy of the fit. Inside of the spinning cyclonic thoughts, images and memories might be a theme, a part of personal history, and repeated energetic states. Upset and unrest might have nuance of body sensation, and when actively stalked the energy can be transmuted into the organized patterns and symbols for a decoding process, this is the active container provided by The Witness. The fit can be worked with somatically like a dream practice, in collaboration with soma. Who were the characters in the tossing and turning thoughts? What does this current dynamic remind me of or feel like? If there is less conscious fodder and more blurry chaos maybe simply use the tornado as the symbol. I am being stirred up and scattered, van I make space even for chaos? Photo of performance by Jaamil Olawale Kosoko.

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