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The Present of Presence

Somewhere inside of The Trap is a golden door which leads to a room filled with sparkling jewel encrusted reality of The Present inside of the trap. The present is the present, or the gift, once we open our inner eyes to what is truly here. In my case one recent opening of/to the present involved full body engagement and deep somatic communication with The Trap in order to “see”. The steps are love, owning it, engaging deeply through action, decoding with bodymind or Soma, and then something even deeper than love emerged, devotion to The Trap. This is the real inter dimensional travel between the worlds, when we finally see what is actually here, possibly overlaid by a bad simulation from our infected mind, or dull from powerlessness. What is actually here, the deeper truth, is a sparkling reality, a custom creation specifically for the one who sees, the right people have been conjured, the perfect dynamics, blessed opportunities (usually mislabeled as problems), the right place, time, epoch and universe in exact conjunction to facilitate soul emergence. Becoming devoted to soul evolution within The Trap is a way to find real treasure, full presence, connection with Supersoul, sensing true fascial connection to everything and everyone, everywhere, the truest self and truest purpose possible. Image from fantasy author Byron Preiss’ book The Secret, which gives clues to actual hidden treasure.

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