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Uncasting Shadow

Why is owning shadow so uncomfortable and scary sometimes? Why do we project our narcissism, conformity and heartless onto others? Why can we see so clearly the darkness others exude while our own darkness seems incased in glass, undiscovered? We can be so sure this other is the toxic or poisonous person, we have proof, my friends even corroborate my experience, they see it too. How can that darkness possibly be mine? The way into owning our projected darkness is multi pathed, and may take us on a meandering journey, but there is one key that always allows us to find our way with it - love. We can attempt to love the monster on the outside, which requires a developed, strong, sovereign, REAL ego, the one who connects and loves, or we can start to love the trolls within. Many of us have an ego that’s underdeveloped, and in its place is a false ego, ahamkara “the I maker” in Sanskrit. Developing a real ego is positive, it comes with a self-actualized calm, confidence, connection and ok-ness with the world as-is. Knowing the difference between false ego and real ego helps in soul development. Another way to own our darkness is to love our inner monsters, our own heartlessness, jealousies, rage, and pain of all kinds which becomes intensely attractive to our missing soul parts who may have been cast out for their darkness. When they feel the love finally showing up they clamor to be invited in, often in spontaneous recapitulation. Including your shadow is empowering, real ego developing, soul evolving and heroic. Casting shadow into others is not, yet most of us do this unconsciously until we learn about the pattern. The key here is to feel the fear, the discomfort, love those energies and companion our trolls. Photo Kieran Murray

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