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Unreal Love

When love gets twisted it is no longer love. If the love is intertwined with blame, rage, violence, abuse, sadistic teasing, masochism, manipulations, codependency, perpetration, emotional blackmail, or any other pressure that feels bad to the one we supposedly love, it simply is not love. It is a facsimile, a bad simulation and a fraudulent power grab. So what do we do now, if we have the courage to see ourselves in this post? What if we have manipulated, blackmailed or abused those who we claim to love? Step one has already been taken, shadow is identified in these words. Step two is harder, we must commit to showing up for the necessary shadow integration required to mature into real love. Step three, once you fully commit to The Heart Path is to halt manipulating and emotionally blackmailing or pressuring and abusing a partner, family member, child and friend. Taking stock of shadowy behavior is the single most powerful thing we can do to mature and have real love filled relationships. Getting real leads us out of the unreal where all suffering occurs. Art Alex Gardner.

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