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There’s sort of a dealbreaker when it comes to shadow work and

confronting deeply embedded behaviors, ideologies, beliefs and most specifically identity at the personal layer, for some people this is where their shadow work ends in a defense or refusal to Witness. Soul evolution requires deep, dedicated observation of self at its most uncomfortable, which include clinging to behaviors and “who I’ve known myself to be” identity limits. One of the greatest hidden forms of power over structures is Victim identification, which we all have employed until we own the shadow here. Inside of all Victim identification is a matching Perpetrator and often a Rescuer energy, an equally destructive identity that has the appearance of goodness. If you are identified as a Victim of anybody for example, or any part of society or the system, and you have not yet begun to decode your own perpetrations on your self or others, possibly through defaulting into disempowerment, or you have found yourself siding with a part of a polarized dynamic as rescuers do, then you have not yet encountered this layer of shadow. This is the hardest layer, rescuers for example appear as heroes from the outside, yet are essentially codependent and find identity through helping. This layer of shadow requires untangling our identification with personal self, and if all of my power in my life has come from my personal self this will be a challenge. The antidote is to get to know your true self as Witness Consciousness. Photo Robin Cerutti.

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