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Your Star is Born

New hatred for your old golden shadow projections is a sign that your Star is being born. We might, in an attempt to remain humble and not step into superiority, tamp our fire when it is just being ignited. The jealousy, or comparisons we might make to arrogant shooting stars is helpful to notice so we turn towards our own energy. We might be repulsed by our jealousy of someone who seems to have their shit together, has success, fame, and a career we want (or are opposed to). If we simply reorganize the hatred and jealousy into some potent energy of transformation, alchemize the desire in our body cauldron, we can harness this mojo for our own growth and allow this golden shadow holder out of the psychic bondage we have them in, as the symbol of what we haven’t achieved. Agni, the Sanskrit word for fire, the personified fire Deva, and the root of our word ignite, is a helpful ally in the emergent energy of The Star. Agni is also the “digestive fire” we metabolize our food and personal experiences so we can utilize our fuel productively and complete the compost cycle. Agni energy is the purifier, not the food, if we increase our digestive fire even poison and shadow become fuel and data for our consciousness training. When we re-member, and stitch back together as a whole self we can reclaim our Star, our digestive fire, and purify our position in the spatiotemporal as good and right, as we are now. We are at the exact right place and the right time, the confluence of all we need in the moment to grow, and when we do this we claim and re-cognize our own value, we honor the value of others, the ones we had golden shadow projections on especially, and the ones we thought were not quite as valuable as ourselves. Many stars in one universe creating our collective light. Photo of Fire Artist Linda Farkas.

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