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Black Belt of The Heart

The Heart Path is for those of us who understand life is not about accumulating things or feeling good. Heartedness is like a martial art, a discipline and a practice. The journey is about feeling how we are connected, rather than thinking about what makes us different, because connecting is a way out of the false sense we have of not mattering, the negative false ego defense of being small. For some of us connecting has been excruciating because we are either highly sensitive and feel everything like constant heartbreak, or we are in a constant state of disgust or hatred for how humans behave on earth. Some of us are lucky enough to be both types at once. It may even be that the distancers are just as sensitive, they just figured out how to shield, defend and blame as a coping mechanism against pain. The high feelers are so open contact can require so much recovery time that distance is a welcome coping style. For all of us, highly sensitives, blaming distancers, neutrals and others on the heart spectrum, learning to maintain sovereignty energetically while being connected enough in order to care, makes it possible to be informed by heart. The point of all of this is to be able to take Right Action. Actions that come from head are often REactions to stimulus from outside. Heart amalgamates the world and moves us into action that is the most direct and powerful move to benefit us all, our collective soul, like a powerful roundhouse kick at light speed, from the heart to the mind. Art Georgina Billington & Mia Morgan.

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