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Do you remember when you were told as a child to not shove or force something that wasn’t moving, if it wouldn’t budge? That was because the way was blocked, something we couldn’t see or guess at. We had to take out the entire drawer out to see, or open up the machine and look inside, carefully and slowly investigate. And when we didn’t go slow, if we forced or ripped or shoved, sometimes we would break something. A sign of maturity is having that happen enough that we stop forcing something blocked and we start to get curious about what’s blocking the movement forward. The curiosity becomes the new path. The immature habit has been finding our own way forward is blocked and we look to forcing others to do something, shove past our inner self or somatic blocks to try to “get over it”, or create a “work around”, which usually involves a bizarre set of practices, boundaries, and rituals to build a scaffold over a crumbling facade in order to construct a shaky bridge past the block. In the end we mature anyway and realize the basics of soul evolution 1. Inside First rule of reality, we 2. keep the baby decode the bath water, 3. adopt slow dedication of daily self study and process, 4. we then can start to enjoy the trap. Forcing past traps, dirt or darkness, and inner work is a way to remain unconscious to the truth. Investigating the blocks and resistance is the way to truly move forward. Photo Simon Wootton, Bridge to Nowhere.

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