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Group Shadow Stalking

The larger the group you are involved with the larger the shadow or darkness it will potentially draw, hide and leak out through its members or leaders if it is not actively stalked. The United States is a group full of shadow on all sides of the aisle. Schools at all grade levels, are full of shadow, and most people incidentally, are unaware of how the systems in place in our public schools, like the bells and seating structure, are historically meant to set a deliberate control standard and diminish independence based on a Prussian model (see Horace Mann). Popular groups like the pop yoga community and it’s smaller factions, present an offering through its “purity” facade, hide oodles of shadow, and in recent years the violence and sexual abuse of false gurus, so many of them, fallen now in burnt out star syndrome, like celebrities which catch golden shadow projections they become demons in the eyes of those who once looked at them like gods. Assume your group is full of shadow, assume the leaders of the group are hiding shadow, perhaps unconsciously, and perhaps they deny shadow if they are discovered enacting any. Look at any group, a family even, or consciousness raising organization, if they are billing themselves as a light path, a religious answer, “good”, a superior way to grow, and you can’t see the shadow, or it isn’t being copped to on a regular basis, you have to assume it is there. We are not at the mercy of shadow but it must be stalked. Art Agnieszka Nienartowicz.

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