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I like to make up words that help us understand reality quickly and easily. Words are symbols and like any symbol words are encoded with multiple meanings. This is one of the reasons I love Sanskrit, which is embedded with meanings about consciousness not found in other languages. One word I use a lot, and I have a recent podcast dedicated to is Undervoice, which I define in the glossary of terms I use in my course materials as “An unloving self talking or critical inner voice”, some call this the inner critic. I like Undervoice because it describes where it comes from and it’s tone. Another made up word which I love is Re-memberment, again defined in my glossary as “The stitching back together of self after initiation through wounding or psychic dismemberment, which results in remembering our largest identity as Witness Consciousness”. Dismemberment in the underworld is one of the most uncomfortable parts of soul growth, and if we are lucky enough to have a guide with us we can see the raw display of parts of self laid out in gruesome technicolor and have a clear path to Re-memberment, which starts with organizing the parts on display. The actual stitching back together happens with a thread of pure, golden love, slowly remaking body and infused with connective tissues of truth. When a shadow stalker develops the ability to love themselves back together they have been initiated, the have made passage into a whole, new self, and those golden, threaded wounds glow real empowerment. Embroidery art Meghan Willis.

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