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Mistake Medicine

If you think you’ve done something stupid you have not yet discovered the wisdom of the mistake. Looking back on a past self with regret, judgment or self hatred shows that the lesson the mistake brought hasn’t landed much less integrated. Whether it was staying in a career way past it’s shelf life, betraying someone, using outdated coping strategies, indulging in addictions, lying to family, or any other block in evolution, all mistakes, even crimes, are meant to be recapitulated with love so the lesson can be integrated. Inside of every mistake is a glittering jewel, like hidden treasure. Decode the crystalline lesson, integrate the portal revealing pain ignited by the the memory of the mistake, and intentionally allow consciousness to expand. Soul evolution is quickened by decoding the wisdom found in mistakes, dynamics with best enemies, and all past crimes. The medicine is creating a loving container to hold it.

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