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Spirits in the Material World

Embodiment requires spiritual awareness. I would say embodiment is a spiritual experience. Some of us woke up at some point in the matrix and had “buyer’s remorse”, not quite wanting to die, but a feeling of wishing we had never been in existence. I think of this when I encounter it in clients as the forgetful soul who regrets birth, sometimes called The Innocent archetype who has “fallen from paradise”. She forgot there was choice in the matter, forgot about the mission or purpose encoded at the soul layer, part of witch is in deep collaboration with the collective soul and Supersoul. But at some point, perhaps through initiation (trauma) and the somatic practices that bring us into conscious rapport with a Soma, we truly entered body in a new way, we began to practice, and now desire real, loving embodiment. This is a fulfillment of the encoded soul, a deep spiritual agreement to master the matrix, not from a superior “I’m a spirit having a material experience” but in true companioning of self which is soul embodied, here on Earth, the soul begins to see the material as beloved, the goddess Maya, the great mother, as not only home, but a place of true privilege, where soul evolves in her care. Art Matthew Hansel, Half A Truth Is Better Than None At All.

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