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The Heroic Lion

Bravery is not the absence of fear, bravery is the foolishness, and willingness to begin. The difference between The archetypes of Hero and The Coward is one thing. Both feel fear, both have an impossible task ahead and both are inadequate for the task. Only one will succeed because only one takes the journey. Both shudder in terror at the demons they will face within, both have to develop, the skills to grapple with them, and because The Coward does not start he cannot develop those skills and magical powers, or get the boons for trying. Once The Coward takes the first step on the path he becomes The Hero. The key here is the fear. The Coward feels fear and freezes. The Hero feels fear and moves. The fear in the end is related to the magic our Hero develops. Fear, as it turns out, is not bad, something to overcome, a problem or a hinderance. Fear is related to many psychic abilities, it is life force, it is energy and often holds the key to finding lost soul. Fear is a helpful guide once The Hero knows how to work with it. Making a move, any move, even when we have been frozen for a life time, is a move forward on the path. Ep 15. The Wizard of Self on The Synchrosoma Podcast Tuesday, July 21, 2020. Art T. michael Tracy.

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